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Joyful Life!

For Professionals Who Are Ready for a COMPLETE Life Transformation … in Quantum Leaps (rather than baby steps!)… “Finally…THE Authentic Way to  Achieve the Fulfillment, Joy and Abundance you Deserve … While Living in Physical Health and Spiritual Vitality.” You ARE the Master of Your Universe: Put an end to the stress, dissolve the worry, […]

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Live Interview Today

With Billy the Brain Check it out live at 10:00a Pacific http://brainstorminonline.com/  

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Really? Do you want to be right that bad?

It isn’t about right or wrong. The world has been under the illusion that we live in a world of duality. There is always two sides to the coin, for example, but  looking at the world in that way is like living in a flat world. We can see the world in this way, but it […]

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The Power of the Porn Queen

Just imagine – walking into a porn convention in Las Vegas an 8 years old girl with no adult supervision.  All she has to cling onto is her 9 year old brother…

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Back online

Have a Joyous day! Joy Tip – step away from the computer and spend a few minutes with a loved one (your dog, your lover, your plants, you higher power/ yourself) and enjoy! Love you, Cynthia Glickman The Joy Doctor

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Attract Your Soulmate

If you’d like to attract your soulmate today and you’d like to have that experience of divine magical love, whatever that may be for you — a loving, giving, tall dark and handsome, powerful, attractive, sexy, whatever kind of partner you would really love in your heart of hearts to have in your life and […]

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Find Your J-spot

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Find LOVE!!!

http://www.1automationwiz.com/app/?af=1366221 Dr Cynthia Glickman

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Be in gratitude for what you already have and the universe will bring you more of it. So – if you are looking to manifest a new love the perfect man or the ideal woman – find the qualities that you want in that person in the people you already have in your life.  As […]

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Love is in the Air

Spring is upon us and it is a great time to begin opening our hearts to the beauty around us! As we open to the fresh and renewing time of year we express love which allows us to recieve more love! Give it freely and it will return to you 100 fold! Love, Cynthia

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