Cynthia L. Glickman, PhD

Author, Coach, and Motivational Speaker

Cynthia Glickman is an author of four books in the genre of self improvment.  The first to be released will be her life story, Daughter of a Porn King, a story of transformation.  Through relationship turmoil and self worth struggles, the human being who resulted from her upbringing obtained her doctorate by age twenty-seven became a National Figure competitor (which is the top 1 percent in physical fitness), was a professor for seven years, a dean of a college and achieved multimillionaire status before the age of 35.

Dr. Glickman attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and minored in statistics. She continued her studies after teaching English in Prague, Czech Republic, and at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she taught mathematics while earning her master’s degree and doctorate. Her doctorate was an eclectic degree focused on mathematics, technology and, most importantly, how the adult mind operates and learns.

Dr. Glickman brings her teaching skills and understanding of the human mind together with the heart and soul of the matter.  She has spent the last 10 years of her life dedicated to the subject of personal development and spiritual growth. Cynthia has been coaching people for over 18 years and is a communicator in both written and verbal formats.  She knows how to connect with her audience and has spoken for women’s organizations, teacher conferences, business associations, staff trainings, and developed sales teams to be the top in thier industry.

Individually, Dr. Glickman has assisted clients in personal matters helping them to heal past relationship issues, childhood traumas and old patterns that have not been serving them.  Once they have worked with her to leave thier  baggage behind, Cynthia’s clients have seen successes such as getting engaged and happily married, reigniting the relationship they have, gained political office, manifested greater abundance and maintained happier healthier lives. As a JOY coach, she has integrated her readings into her life and assists others with that knowledge.

As a committed author, writing since 1996 on educational matters, Dr. Glickman left her business and works full-time as a writer and speaker. She has written three other books that include “Finding Your J-Spot“, “Your Reality Sucks, Change It!” and What’s This World Coming to Anyway?