Deserve Love

What kind of love are you looking for ..? Are you willing to settle for crumbs? Or do you want the whole pie?!

Whatever you believe you deserve is what you will get.

First, pay attention to what you are asking for..

If you are saying “Id just be happy with someone who love me…” ok.. the universe says your wish is my command.

Or you could say, “I want to have spellbinding sex, amazing passion, love, respect and harmony with my partner.. that is what you will get..

Do you want a little or a lot?

That is consciously, but what about what you are asking for subconsciously?  Do you hate yourself – then subconsciously you are vibrating at a frequency of “Go ahead use me as a door mat.. I dont think that much of myself anyway…” You probably dont know that you are sending that out – that is why it is so important to bring to the surface the thoughts thatr are going on in that deep abyss..

If you know that you deserve to be love becsause you love yourself and you have a lot of love to give.. then you will attract into your life people who are also loving…

To get clear on what is going on beneath the surface coaching is often helpful! :) Get with a frienc who can help you to take the blinders off.. or hire a coach and get to the loving relationship you always deserved!~

EVERYONE deserves to be loved!!


Cynthia Glickman


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    Cynthia Glickman

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