Be in gratitude for what you already have and the universe will bring you more of it.

So – if you are looking to manifest a new love the perfect man or the ideal woman – find the qualities that you want in that person in the people you already have in your life.  As you start identifying those qualities in others and begin to appreciate those qualities showing up in your life you will draw more and more of that to you.

Then sit for a minimum of 120 seconds thinking about nothing but being with that ideal partner and imagining how it feels. You are not watching this from afar you are in the vision – dancing, hugging, kissing, walking along the beach, whatever it is that your heart desires.  Do this consistently for 30 days and watch what shows up.

For assistance in finding your joy, living in gratitude and calling in the one email with the words free consult in the subject line.
Love and light!

Dr. Cyn
Cynthia L Glickman, PhD


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