Good Morning Sunshine!

Good morning world!

Yes- I have joined the forces of the technological era! So – please don’t go to hard on me and forgive me for being a novice.  Well, it is so apro po (any idea where that word came from? spelling?) In a sense we are evolving out of the dark ages and moving into the light. Strangely, technology can be used as a light on this path of enlightenment.

It was the best of times and the worst of times – that famous quote makes perfect sense for us all right now. We are seeing the world go through this major transition that is affecting us all on a grand scale.. the labor pains of the birth of this new world. Anything new has some pain right – when you are growing fast there are growing pains when you are birthing a  new way of being there too are going to be labor/ growing pains… Most of us have already experienced a great deal of those pains and are now arriving at a new plateu that if full of peace.

We are more aware of ourselves and our ability to create our lives and stepping up more and more to our responsiblity in what we have created.  Time is ticking and we can continue to sleep walk or wake up to our divine selves and our divine purposes.  Who are you and who do you want to be?

Have you asked yourself these questions?


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