Live in the Joy

What is needing to be said today?

Live in the Joy…

How do you know if this is the “one”?

Ask yourself, “Does this relationship bring me joy?”

If the answer is unequivically – YES!  Then the BIGGEST part of your question has been answered..

If you said – well most of the time.. but that is what relationships are ..then you have a world of potential hurt ahead of you…

Why would you place yourself in a situation in which you do not feel joy? Why would you stay in a relationship you do not feel joy?

The bottomline is there is something else you are getting from that relationship..

It could be a number of things..

1) You feel needed

2) You don’t have the courage to say how you feel

3) You are hanging on to what is comfortable – which begs the question, “Are you willing to settle for good rather than having great..

4) Or you tell yourself the biggest lie of all .. well,that is just how relationship are and you have to take the good with the bad… This view point is just justification for living for just good enough and if just good enough is good enough.. then keep telling yourself this… BUT, if you feel deep in your heart that you would like more then realize you are the master and creator of your universe and you have the ability to choose something better – In fact, the fact that you are identifying things that you do not want are a strong indication that what you do want exists!!!

And the blessing in this relationship to discover what you do want and what you don’t want.. then you shoot from you mind thoughts or as Jerry and Esther Hicks call it, “rockets of desire” for what you do want, but in order for you to draw that to you.. you can send out your desires, but you also have to be able to allow them in .. so if you are hanging onto stuff bad relationships or things that are filling up your vessel you do not open up the space to allow in the joy and the divine gift you have asked for.. so be clear.. and be blessed..

Focus on what brings you Joy and live in that space.. find your J-spot! :) I can show you how!

Love and Light!

Dr. Cynthia Glickman


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One Response to Live in the Joy

  1. Bill Brinton March 7, 2011 at 9:54 pm #

    Very well said, it makes a lot of sense.