Mirror Mirror I

They say that all relationships are mirrors to who we are… So “they” say..

The truth is that we all have within us every aspect of being human we simply may be aware of some that are obvious, unaware of others, and denying even others.   So – what are you telling yourself? Are you conscious first of all of how you may or may not be judging yourself? Do you have layers of existence that you pay attention to and others that you do not?

The typical human experience of those who are not awakened is to just sleep walk through life, never really analyzing who they are, where they are and why. Ultimately, that level of consciousness is totally unconscious. That person might as well be sleeping because they don’t believe they are the creator of their reality.  In this category, you will often moan about the circumstances that they have been given. As if, you have been dealt a bad hand from a deck of cards and that is the hand you must go through your entire existence with… 

BUT, you are greater than that.. you are the creator of your reality and sometimes circumstances may be out of our control, but you have the grand ability to shift and change in any given moment in time.  You can sit around with you head in a bag of potato chips or hanging your head over a beer, and stay stuck where you are.. or you can pick your head up .. reshuffle the deck and pull a new hand.

What is your new hand going to be?  Maybe you have an ACE, and don’t want to get rid of it.. ok.. keep your gifts, discover new ones.. what makes your heart sing?

Have you been hit by the economy? Have you had illnesses that you have overcome? Have you had any tragedy in your life that may have started you on your journey to self discovery? If so, that tragedy has been such a great blessing and it is my desire that if you are not currently seeing it as a blessing, that you will and that all the pieces of this puzzle will begin to come together for you soon as  in now. Today, today is the day that you see the beauty in your life, today is the day that you recognize the things you have the power to change and the things you don’t.  Today, you move toward what makes you feel joy and move away from what makes you feel pain.


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