Really? Do you want to be right that bad?

It isn’t about right or wrong.

The world has been under the illusion that we live in a world of duality. There is always two sides to the coin, for example, but  looking at the world in that way is like living in a flat world. We can see the world in this way, but it is only two dimensional. It is like the time of Christopher Columbus when he believed the world was round, but all people could see was that it appeared to be flat. We are coming into a time where we are in for another tremendous paradigm shift and some people like the pioneers of Christopher’s time have already understood and experienced this multi-dimensional reality.

We can look at this verbiage and say that’s a lot of woo- hoo wah ha stuff, but just as in Columbus’s time, they too thought he was a little crazy until they were able to prove they could going their ships and not fall off the edge of the earth. The same applies in the world and our current realities. We can stick to the old ways of being and be caught in ego having to be right or we can recognize that there are infinite perspectives and every single one of them is correct from the seers vantage point.

As, Albert Einstein said –

There is no reality, there is only persception

these things have been talked about for centuries, but not until now is our society really beginning to understand what this all means and what it is about.

We can blame one another for the ails of the world, but that only gives our power away to the other whom we blame. So – we could say that look at the direction our society is going with the infiltration of pornography and prostitution and  how it has made men women haters and abusive, but that is just a vicious cycle because for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. We can also point fingers and the woman hater organizations that were extreme feminist where women thought it was their right to emasculate men and also be abusive. We see more and more women having children and being the ones to walk away and men left to be single fathers. So, we could go back and forth for days looking at the trends, but I ask us to look above that and come to a level of understand that gets us beyond the fight and rises us up to love.

Being able to understand and the root of it all everyone wants to be loved and men and women alike have been searching their lives for it outside of themselves. Believing in the Cinderella fairy tale. By the way, I am all for the fairy tale and I do believe it can and should be a reality, BUT it is time for us as women and men to stop waiting for our prince or princess to show up and save us from our mean awful step-mother.  The truth is that if we haven’t resolved our issues of feeling abused by our step-mother/father or whoever we looked up to for love we are not going to create a healthy relationship with the opposite sex or anyone else for that matter until we realize that we are perfect just the way we are and find the love within ourselves. You must be the love you want to receive.

You can have a night and shining armor save you, but that is just a temporary high because you never got clear on who you are and what your contribution to the world is, hence only looking to take something from the other person. Then wondering why you are left so discouraged in the end. When you are totally full and giving love out freely you are in love with the world and yourself and you cannot help but then attract in more loving situations and circumstances.

In order to achieve this, it comes back to recognizing that we all are one and all need love. Just as the babies who were studied and not given any love died so will you if you do not find your connection to your own self and with source, wether that be god, higher power or simply all that is, there is a wells spring of love and we merely have to open to it and rise above the fighting and rise up to a higher perspective the one that has compassion, understanding and  respect for others opinions and can let go of the need to be right.

There is not just black and white – two sides to the coin, but a spectrum of gray and a multitude of colors that if we broaden our scope perhaps we could see. Claiming that one way or another way is the only way or “these are the  facts” and you need to just work around that is very small thinking – if we broaden our perspective we can see from the space ships that clearly the earth is round so arguing all day long that it is flat certainly seemed to be a fact until other could experience and see that it was clearly otherwise –

So – I am just saying, before you are so ready to jump and pounch on someone for being wrong or for making mistake or this is the way the world is, just think that maybe just maybe you are only seeing the situation from the ground and if you could hover over the situation in a space craft you just might laugh your butt off at yourself and your rigid belief.

Do you want to be right and prove someone else is wrong OR do you want to be happy?


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2 Responses to Really? Do you want to be right that bad?

  1. Cousin J March 2, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    You need to get back to writing Cuz. I love that you are so well read. The world needs more love and when you feel like you are wiped out, there are others here to support you. Keep your head up. Please let me know when you are in town again!

    Love ya,

    Little (Big) Cuz J

    • admin July 26, 2012 at 12:50 am #

      AWESOME!!! Thanks! I could use some of your tech experience here to figure out how to blog better..
      Give me a shout! Cyn