“I am doing very well in my business now and know that Cynthia made a  huge difference!”

“I was struggling to feel successful; I felt agitated just wondering what the next week would bring. My first break-through with Cynthia was a huge release.  I immediately began to feel relaxed and more at peace.  Just being able to clear my head of the needs of others and concentrate on me was my path to breathing again.

Through some exercises and techniques, I was able to reclaim my center and enjoy the process again.  Both my business and my personal relationships are benefiting. Cynthia made a huge difference in freeing me from my personal fears.

I am now able to truly approach my work in loving service.  Thank you, Cynthia for all you do!

Deborah Carter

Financial Representative

COUNTRY® Financial

“Developing the skills to be HAPPY in the midst of disappointment, failure and loss is certainly worthy of a GOLD MEDAL!”

Interested in finding my true love, but not connecting with anyone, I had totally lost all hope.  I had enormous blocks to finding love. Cynthia helped me to realize that this is really about ME and freed me to be my authentic self.

The huge shift I experience through the techniques I learned with Cynthia was that I could say “no” while being okay with others disapproval or rejection. Happiness really is about making yourself happy and not worrying so much about making others happy.  I’m waiting for the roses to show up at my door any day now.

Thank you, Cynthia, for being a shining example of bouncing back, loving yourself no matter what, and learning to laugh for no reason at all. I’m still working on dancing like no one is watching!

Carol Ann Weber
Freelance Fitness/Sports/Entertainment Writer

Contributing Editor, Muscle & Fitness Hers

“In just 6 months of working with Cynthia, I married a man who loves me unconditionally and treats me like a Queen!”                

Before working with Cynthia, I was struggling to move past the emotional damage of a physically and mentally abuse relationship. Fear and past hurts imprisoned me from fully embracing love again.

After my first phone conversation with the Joy Doctor, I knew she was just the help I needed. Cynthia guided me through removing the entire trauma rapidly which put me back in control of my destiny.  In addition, I have met two huge career goals; a successful dance program and an endorsement! I have resolved most of the debt from my previous marriage, regained balance and self-confidence, and most importantly I am emotionally whole with an even more positive outlook on life. I now have the tools to attack future challenges.

None of this would have been possible without God and his will to unite me with Cynthia.  She is truly a talented woman who has passion, expertise and humility that makes working with her worth every penny! Anyone looking to change their circumstances drastically and fast sign up and sign up now!  Thanks Cynthia!

Diana Muhammad

Wife, Mother & Dance Teacher

Working with Cynthia elevated my life in so many wonderful ways and it has completely changed my direction in this world!

Prior to connecting with Cynthia, I had all sorts of physical issues, including horrible panic attacks, trouble getting air into my lungs, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), I couldn’t cry and my body did not sweat.

After my first session with Cynthia, I was able to release my past, grieve the loss of my husband and cry for the first time in a long time.  Within a few months, my life and health changed in such profound ways, even my friends were astonished. My body started to heal and work in ways that prove without a shadow of a doubt that it was because of the work I did with Cynthia.

I no longer have IBS, I can cry, and for the first time in over 20 years, my body is sweating! I feel amazing and so excited that my body is working correctly. I am totally and completely in love with me! AND, I don’t worry about life anymore because I attract everything I want.

My children are happy, carefree and more aware of the power they have with their own thoughts too.  I want to thank Cynthia for all her work and her wonderful joyful caring attitude!

Shelly Besancon

Self – Employed, Mother


“Before working with Cynthia I was diagnosis with Lupus and was in stage 2. For some reason I felt comfortable with Cynthia to tell her about everything.  The moment you meet her you just want to tell her everything that goes on in your world and she makes you slow it down and evaluate it.  She helps you to become conscious of what you are saying and the importance of and the power of the words and the thoughts.  And she has the uncanny ability to catch and pinpoint the important issue and the non-important issues.

After only a week of working with Cynthia, I started waking up without leg pain or headaches and started to have a lot more energy.  Prior to my time with Cynthia, I was in bed in the morning unable to get out of bed due to the pain and discomfort associated with my disease, Lupus. Ten YEARS and three doctors later, I had been taking four different medications everyday costing me around $400 a month plus $100 for blood work and $750 for doctor visit every month… The monetary savings alone made it totally worth it, but you CANT EVEN PUT A PRICE TAG ON how much this completely changed my life. I now am total Lupus free and healthier than I have ever been!”

Now I’m here to see my son grow up.  I will get to watch him become a teenager now.”

~ Steve Norton


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