Finding Your J-spot ( J for Joy)

7 Week Online Course to More Joy & Less Stress

With acclaimed transformative educator Cynthia Glickman, Phd

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Imagine discovering a proven system you can use to live more JOYFULLY with LESS stress, helping you attract the career and the relationships you desire in as little as 7 weeks. In this powerful online course, I’ll teach you a revolutionary time-tested approach to finding your J-spot that has already helped thousands of people heal and create harmony, love and joy in thier lives.


There’s just one more step you need to take for your life to change forever.


It’s very important.


Your destiny depends on it. Are you ready?


Here it is: Give up wishing for joy and happiness. Instead make the commitment to evolve beyond past patterns and cause joy to happen in your life.

In taking this stand, you reclaim your power to create the life you desire and deserve to have.

If you’re willing to make this commitment to yourself, I’m ready to help you bring it to fruition. I can guide you step-by-step through the process of inner transformation that will ensure you heal the past, release the stress, and create more harmony in your relationships, career and finances.

I’m going to provide the tools and techniques you need to:

  • Release past patterns that have caused stress to take root in your life so you can move forward and create new, healthy patterns to allow joy to flow freely into your life – giving you more power to create the things you desire in your life
  • Create an extraordinary life as the foundation for attracting extraordinary joy and abundance you have dreamed about
  • Anchor your vision of joy to fully receive and welcome a fulfilling opportunities without letting the past limit your future

The feel of this online course is intimate, safe and inspiring, making the process of releasing stress and attracting joy easy and fun!

In our 7 Week Online Course you will learn:

Week 1: Preparing for Joy





  • The one shift you can make right away that will elevate the quality of your life and relationships almost immediately
  • How to weave an alluring, magnetic field that draws your perfect career, partner, and opportunities

Week 2: Completing the Past

Completing the Past

Week 3: Transforming Your Beliefs – Become a Winner in Your Life

Transforming Your Love Identity Core Beliefs

  • Uncover barriers you didn’t even know you had thwarting the realization of joy in your life and learn how to release them now
  • Take a quantum leap over years of “slow and steady progress” by learning the 5-step process to identify and liberate yourself once and for all from your most debilitating false beliefs
  • Learn how to evolve beyond your old destructive patterns and graduate forever from repeating past dynamics over and over again
  • Discover the value of what you have to offer and begin experiencing your own true worth on an embodied level
  • Learn the one simple practice that will change forever the way that others relate to you
  • Discover how you can powerfully release the life you’ve known and become magnetic to the life you are creating

Week 4: Activating Your Magnetic Power

Activating Your Magnetic Power

  • Connect with your deeper desires in a way that makes you irresistibly magnetic to their fulfillment
  • The 3 steps to setting a powerful intention that will instantly compel life to begin organizing around the fulfillment of the future you are committed to creating
  • Begin sourcing your sense of self and navigate your life from the future you are committed to creating, as opposed to the present or the past, in order to magnetize the fulfillment of your deepest desires in all areas of your life
  • How to partner with a field and a force of life greater than yourself magnetize greater joy and abundance

Week 5: Re-wire Your Brain for Joy – Clear Away The Stress

Becoming The One

  • Discover the true meaning of self-love and what it actually means to “love yourself” before you can love another
  • Reclaim your sensual self, learning to love, care for, respect and honor your body, just as it is, as the home you offer your beloved
  • Find out why receiving from another is really a gift you offer them, and why the relationship may not bond properly until you do


Week 6: Aligning With Your Destiny – Joy No Matter What


Aligning With Your Love Destiny

  • Go from hoping the Universe gives you joy to mastering the art of how to magnetize it into your life by aligning with the future you are committed to creating
  • Discover the secret that happy people know about how to create richer, more satisfying partnerships and careers into thier life right now
  • Learn the one simple technique that will help you to overcome your deepest fears forever, liberating you to take the risk to open your heart

 Week 7: Manifesting

Manifesting Your Soul Mate

  • Begin experiencing a continual stream of synchronicity, magic and miracles that support you fully to manifest your heart’s desire
  • Learn to use disappointments, obstacles, setbacks and delays to catapult you towards becoming even more magnetic
  • Discover the sweet secret of how to move from a “me” centered life to a “we” centered life and immediately begin experiencing a deeper level of relatedness and love with everyone you meet
  • Master the super-charged practice for becoming magnetic to all things good in life
  • Radiate and embody the joy you seek, causing the flourishing and thriving of life

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